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hiv-self-test-kitsShanghai Disease Control Center normally choose rapid HIV test for the local citizen who are looking for the testing service in Shanghai. This kind of HIV test only needs 20mins to get the result back. If the result is negative, then no more further test required. For any suspected case, Shanghai district level CDC will pass the case to City level CDC for further investigation, that means more deeper research will be done on your blood sample and the results will be back around one week. For expat patient, you can choose international hospital to accept the test; normally you should pay consultation fees + testing fees. In fact, your blood sample will also be transfer to CDC to do the test, so normally both rapid HIV test and further HIV test will need one week to get the result back. If you prefer test HIV status by you self, the third opinion for you is to choose self HIV test kits, Sinoaid Shanghai provide both Blood and Oral HIV home test kits for your needs. for more details, please send your email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


img product1Sinoaid now provide new generation of HIV Self Test Kit - HIV Oral Fluid Test Kit for determine HIV infection status with no needles or lancets requirments. No need to draw blood for sample collection with 99.8% accurate results which based on studies conducted in China, India and Cameroon.

Determine HIV

331156563Determine HIV / AIDS in preventive period, Sinoaid was newly launched Aids Preventive and Self Test Program in early April 2009. Anyone now can self test and know the HIV infection status by most accurate HIV 1/2 Determine Kit within 15 minutes in Shanghai


Self Diagnosis for HIV 1/2 Determine in Shanghai

Accurate and rapid diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is a major global public health priority, especially in the developing world. Since the emergence of HIV/AIDS, it has become even more critical to diagnose STDs early, not only to save lives but also to prevent the spread of life-threatening infections.

Scientifically engineered for dynamic performance anywhere in the world, Determine® allows the detection of the causative organisms of HIV/AIDS to be undertaken simply, accurately and within just 15 minutes. The simple two step tests require no power, no water, minimal training, just a fingerstick for sample collection and can be easily stored and transported.

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