First Aid Tips

0511-0811-1717-0435 Medical Supplies-First Aid Kit clipart image1) Keep a list of emergency numbers near your phone. This list should include the numbers for the local police, fire, poison control, hospital and emergency contacts.
2) Keep well-stocked first aid kits in your home and vehicle. These first aid kits should include alcohol wipes, antiseptic, bandages, adhesive bandages, gauze, tape, burn cream, hydrocortisone cream, eyewash kits, cold packs, scissors, latex gloves, tweezers and index cards with the medical history (such as allergies) of each family member.

3) Keep a list of your medications in your wallet or purse. This list should include the name of the medication, the prescribing doctor, the strength, the doses and the regimen.

4) Before you hop in the car to take someone to the emergency room, do a quick evaluation to see if you need an ambulance. If you can get to the hospital relatively quickly, you might get there faster than an ambulance can get to you and back.

5) Prepare children on how to use emergency call. Teach them what to dial and in what occasions they should dial it. Also, by each phone have a card that lists your address and phone number.

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