Sinoaid classes teach everything from childbirth to preparing for a new family member as you take your journey to parenthood.

Childbirth Classes

An adventure through childbirth, including labor and delivery, and more.
From your first prenatal appointment to the birth of your child and the wondrous days to follow, Sinoaid can help you prepare for your baby's arrival with our childbirth classes and interactive education, accessible resources and personalized care. Begin your parenting journey by going on one of our maternity tours, then consider taking one or more of the classes we offer that can help you along the way.

Classes review

  • The Gift of Motherhood: Your Personal Journey Through Prepared Childbirth - Bring your partner along on this adventure through childbirth, including labor and delivery, breathing and relaxation, hospital procedures and cesarean birth.
  • The Gift of Motherhood - Online Childbirth Education Program: If you’re on bed rest or have scheduling conflicts and can’t attend our Gift of Motherhood class, try our online program.
  • Childbirth 101 for Teen Mothers - Designed specifically for moms-to-be who are age 20 and younger; support people are encouraged to attend as well.
  • Birth Via Cesarean - Everything You Need to Know Before the Birthday!: Learn about preoperative and preadmission preparation, surgery, anesthesia and pain relief, recovery and postpartum care.
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Epidurals But Were Afraid to Ask: Learn about the use of medications during labor and birth.

Maternity Tours

See where you'll experience one of the most memorable days of your life.
From your first prenatal appointment to the birth of your child and the amazing days to follow, Sinoaid helps you prepare for your new baby with our interactive education, accessible resources and personalized care.

An important first step in this journey is to take one of our birthing center / hospital tours, where you can see the many amenities in our spacious labor / delivery / recovery rooms. These comfortable, technologically advanced birthing rooms provide the setting for our family-centered care that keeps mother and infant together.

Early Parenting Classes

The basics of childcare and what to expect when you get your baby home.
Sinoaid's early parenting classes give you the tools, resources and support you need to successfully navigate the early days of parenting. From breastfeeding basics to classes just for dads, Sinoaid offers experienced do-and-don’t guidance to help you with your infant’s ongoing development and care.

Learn more about the classes Sinoaid:

  • The Joy of Parenthood: Your Personal Journey Through Newborn Care - Join other expectant parents to learn how to care for your newborn and what to expect during those first few days.
  • Big Brother/Big Sister - Our age-appropriate Sibling and Family Adjustment classes prepare children for the birth and appearance of a new baby.
  • Boot Camp for New Dads - Join other fathers-to-be in this nationally recognized program for men only to prepare for the exciting – yet sometimes challenging – job of being a dad.
  • Breastfeeding Basics - Learn skills and techniques from certified lactation consultants to ensure a successful breastfeeding experience for you and your baby.
  • Generation to Generation: Grandparenting in the 21st Centu - Enter grandparenthood with confidence by taking this preparation class, which covers generational differences for parenting and common family adjustment issues.
  • Breastfeeding 411 - Take part in a group session led by a certified lactation consultant and get tips on latch assistance, positioning and milk supply. The sessions, which are offered twice a week, also offer weight checks.

Giving Birth at Sinoaid

When giving birth at Sinoaid Network Hospitals, you’ll get the best maternity care, from day one. Thousands of new parents choose to celebrate their baby’s birthday surrounded by our highly skilled maternity services team providing family-centered care in technologically advanced birthing centers. There’s no need to travel far when top-rated, world-renowned childbirth services are right where you are.

We believe in life well-lived from beginning to end. With the latest diagnostic equipment, access to clinical research and trials, innovative procedures and world-class healthcare facilities, give your baby a great start with the childbirth services available at Sinoaid.

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