Cardiac Diagnostic Center

What is the Cardiac Diagnostic Center?

The Cardiac Diagnostic Center (CDC), in conjunction with the Chest Pain Center (CPC), is part of the comprehensive care we at the Shanghai Clinic have arranged to assure your complete cardiac health. For those who have had or have chest pain concerns, the CPC is ready to evaluate your potentially life threatening symptoms. For those without a recent history of chest pain but who otherwise are equally concerned and focused on detecting heart disease and the associated risks factors at an early stage before they become symptomatic, the CDC is poised ready to serve you. Our comprehensive approach affords you a comfortable, efficient means to fully investigate your cardiac health.

Upon entering our state of the art 21,000 sq-ft facility, a physician from our team will perform a thorough history and physical exam and will employ essential laboratory and diagnostic studies squarely focused on the objective of screening for concerning cardiac pathology. The CDC will arrange for you to have a personal cardiac lifestyle evaluation, complete with diet modification, exercise regimen development, smoking cessation, and weight loss management as needed. Any and all concerning findings will be seamlessly pursued with further specialty consultation and diagnostic evaluation as needed.

Who should consider visiting the Cardiac Diagnostic Center?

The CDC is designed specifically for those who are interested in having a comprehensive preventive evaluation designed to provide you and your loved ones with advance warning of potentially concerning cardiac and vascular pathology. In particular, those who should consider visiting the Cardiac Diagnostic Center include those who: Possess a family history of heart disease/ Suffer from high blood pressure or high cholesterol/ Have smoked or continue to smoke/ Are overweight or not in good physical shape/ Are subjected to an ongoing stressful professional or personal lifestyle.

What should I expect if I visit the Cardiac Diagnostic Center?

In addition to a personalized history and physical exam performed by member of our international and domestic physician team, our comprehensive, efficient evaluation may include the following primary components: Laboratory evaluation for anemia, electrolyte abnormalities, diabetes, or high cholesterol/ Chest radiography, electrocardiogram, exercise stress testing, echocardiogram, carotid and aorta vascular analysis/ Cardiology specialty consultation and referral to regional subspecialty care as needed/ Nutritional, exercise, and lifestyle management with smoking cessation as needed.

Who is the Cardiac Diagnostic Center Team?

The CDC team is comprised of highly trained international and domestic physicians and ancillary staff working in conjunction with our cardiologists, all dedicated to maintaining an international standard of care. We are confident that our dedication to providing superior, efficient care means your visit with us at the Cardiac Diagnostic Center will be of the highest caliber.

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