Shanghai First Aid Training (Q&A)

FirstAidWhat is your Mission?

Our mission is to train every student to be confident in their CPR and first Aid skills needed to respond to any emergency situation and to provide top quality safety training in Shanghai to enable prompt, confident and effective action in the event of an emergency whether at work, home, outdoors or in an extreme environment.

What is your Safety Training Course compliant with?

We provide most of Safety Training courses such as BLS (Basic Life Support), CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) Training compliant with AHA (American Heart Association) and more flexible courses such as Parents and Caregivers Training, Ayi and Driver Training course and Worksite Fist Aid Training etc.

What is about your Instructor & Certificate & Handout & invoice?

Our instructor team members are all either nurses or physicians licensed in America or China and all are certified instructor by AHA. Safety Training Certificate will be issued by AHA instructor as soon as you completed the course. Training Handout will be prepared by instructor and both English and Chinese Version handout available base on your language requirements. The official Invoice will be preparing for corporate attendance.

How about your course tuition?

We provide most reasonable Safety Training Courses in Shanghai. As the Non-Profits Organization, Sinoaid will not charge any costs for this safety training program. The tuition will only include the costs for instructor expense, Certificate registration fee and local tax.

What is about your Class schedule & Attendance & Venues?

Commonly we will arrange two safety training classes for each month during this year and the ideally number of attendance is around 8 to 12 people for each class. Regarding on our experiences that corporation attendance pending period will less than individual applicants since it’s easy for them to arrange enough people for one class.

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