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331156563Determine HIV / AIDS in preventive period, Sinoaid was newly launched Aids Preventive and Self Test Program in early April 2009. Anyone now can self test and know the HIV infection status by most accurate HIV 1/2 Determine Kit within 15 minutes in Shanghai


Self Diagnosis for HIV 1/2 Determine in Shanghai

Accurate and rapid diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is a major global public health priority, especially in the developing world. Since the emergence of HIV/AIDS, it has become even more critical to diagnose STDs early, not only to save lives but also to prevent the spread of life-threatening infections.

Scientifically engineered for dynamic performance anywhere in the world, Determine® allows the detection of the causative organisms of HIV/AIDS to be undertaken simply, accurately and within just 15 minutes. The simple two step tests require no power, no water, minimal training, just a fingerstick for sample collection and can be easily stored and transported.

Determine Kit

About the Determine HIV 1/2 Test in Shanghai

Determine® HIV-1/2 is an easy-to-use, rapid (15-minute) test for HIV antibodies developed by Abbott. Using a small amount of whole blood, serum or plasma collected by a finger prick, any hospital or remote setting can generate highly accurate results regardless of its access to laboratory equipment or electricity. Determine HIV-1/2 may be stored at room temperature.

Features & Benefits - Determine HIV 1/2 in Shanghai

Determine® HIV-1/2 is an in vitro, visually read, qualitative immunoassay for the detection of antibodies to the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type (HIV-1) and Type 2 (HIV-2) in human serum, plasma and whole blood.

With its simple one-step procedure for serum/plasma, two step procedure for whole blood, Determine® HIV-1/2 is quick and easy to use, delivering clear, dependable results in just 15 minutes.

By detecting all known subtypes of HIV, Determine® HIV-1/2 will help healthcare workers across the world diagnose individual infection, prevent mother-to-child transmission, monitor HIV prevalence and screen blood donations.

Scientifically engineered to provide dynamic performance in a rugged and robust format, Determine® HIV-1/2 can be shipped, stored and used in nearly any environmental condition (2ºC-30º C), even where there is no power or water.

Easy to use and highly flexible, Determine® HIV-1/2 requires minimal training, no equipment and can be relied upon for fast, accurate diagnosis in the most basic of healthcare settings.

Refrigeration storage is not required with Determine® HIV-1/2 and it has built in flexibility to be used with whole blood or serum/plasma, collected either by a fingerstick or venipuncture.

Performance Data - Determine HIV 1/2 in Shanghai

 determine hiv chart

About HIV - Fast Way to Determine HIV 1/2 in Shanghai

There are two main forms of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus: HIV-1 and HIV-2. HIV-1 was discovered in 1983 at the Institute Pasteur in Paris and HIV-2 was first discovered amongst patients in Cameroon in 1985. HIV-2 is less virulent than HIV-1, usually not resulting in full blown AIDS, but nevertheless is still fatal.

By infecting and gradually destroying the immune system, HIV reduces the body’s protection against cancers, pneumonia and other infections that can take hold and lead to death.

Initially someone living with HIV may not display any symptoms of the infection because their immune system can control it at first, but ultimately drug support will be required. Anti-HIV drugs can help the immune system and keep the HIV infection under control, but cannot completely rid the body of HIV infection.

“Knowledge of HIV status is the gateway to combating AIDS” Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS

A growing epidemic…over 40 million people are living with aids…around 5 million people were newly infected in 2005…over 3 million people died. (Aids Epidemic Update, December 2005, UNAIDS)

Sub-Saharan Africa) Just over 10% of the world’s population, but home to more than 60% of all people living with HIV – 25.8 million.
In 2005, an estimated 3.2 million people in the region became newly infected, while 2.4 million adults and children died of AIDS. By 2010 an estimated 18 million children in sub-Saharan Africa alone will be orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

Asia) In 2005, approximately 8.3 million people were living with HIV, including 1.1 million who became newly infected in the past 12 months. Over 500,000 people died from the disease in 2005. 

Eastern Europe & Central Asia) The number of people living with HIV was estimated at 1.6 million in 2005. Around three quarters of new infections reported between 2000 and 2004 were in people under 30 (compared to 33% in Western Europe).

Latin America) The number of people living with HIV was estimated at 1.8 million in 2005.

How to Use

To See how simple Determine tests are to perform


Simulated Test Procedure:


Step 1: Wash Hands Thoroughly


Step 2: Twist and Pull


Step 3: Blood Sampling


Step 4: Place 1 drop of blood in sample


Step 5: Place 2 drops of developer onto sample


Step 6: Read result in 15 Minutes


Negative Result No Hiv Detected

Pink Line next to "C"

No pink line next to "T"


Positive Result Hiv Detected

Pink Line next to "C"

A pink line next to "T"


Q&A for Determine HIV 1/2 in Shanghai

How sensitive is Determine HIV-1/2?

HIV-1 Positive 100% HIV-2 Positive 100% HIV-1 Subtype A-G 100% HIV-1 Group O 100%

Europe 100% North America 100% Asia 100% Africa 99.91%

How should Determine HIV-1/2 be stored?

2-30° C

What type of patient sample do I have to use?

Human serum, plasma and whole blood For whole blood and plasma specimens, EDTA collection tube must be used. For whole blood collection by Fingerstick, EDTA capillary tube must be used. For testing whole blood specimens, Chase Buffer is required.

How critical is the timing?

The timing is critical and you cannot obtain the correct results if you do not follow the instruction exactly.

How long are the results stable?

The result can be read from 15miniutes to 60minutes.

The Test Line was fainter than the Control Line, what does this mean?

The test result is positive even if the Test Line appears lighter or darker than the Control Line.

No line has appeared in the Control Window, what does this mean?

The test is invalid. You will have to use a new device and run the test again.

What is the shelf-life of Determine HIV-1/2?

Up to a maximum of 14 months from the date of manufacture

If I add whole blood and forget to add chase buffer will the test still run?

You cannot obtain the correct result. It should be tested again.

Would a negative result conclude that a patient does not have HIV?

A negative result with Determine HIV does not exclude the possibility of infection with HIV. A false negative result can occur in the following circumstances;

low levels of antibody (e.g., early seroconversion specimens) are below the detection limit of the test;

infection with a variant of the virus that is less detectable by the Determine HIV assay configuration;

HIV antibodies in the patient that do not react with specific antigens utilized in the assay configuration - in exceptional cases this may lead to observation of false negative results;

specimens handling conditions which result in loss of HIV antibody multivalency.

What are the storage conditions for Serum and Plasma samples?

Serum and plasma samples should be stored at 2-8°C if the test is to be run within 7 days of collection. If testing is delayed more than 7 days, the sample should be frozen (-20°C or colder).

What are the storage conditions for whole blood samples?

Whole blood collected by venipuncture should be stored at 2-8°C if the test is to be run within 7 days of collection. Do not freeze whole blood samples;

Whole blood collected by fingerstick should be tested immediately.

What volume does the EDTA capillary tube deliver?


Fill the tube with whole blood between the 2 marked lines and apply the sample to the sample pad.

Can cloudy serum or plasma samples be used with the Determine tests?

No. Specimens showing particulate matter or turbidity should be centrifuged before testing in order to avoid providing erroneous results.

Kit Order

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*** Including Shanghai, HIV Rapid Self Test KITS Can be distributed to follow Provinces and Cities as well: HIV Zhejiang Provinces- HIV Nanjing, HIV Zhenjiang, HIV Changzhou, HIV Wuxi, HIV Suzhou, HIV Xuzhou, HIV Lianyungang, HIV Huaiyin, HIV Yancheng, HIV Nantong, HIV Suqian. HIV Jiangsu Provinces - HIV Hangzhou, HIV Shaoxing, HIV Huzhou, HIV JIaxing, HIV Ningbo, HIV Dinghai, HIV Taizhou, HIV Jinhua, HIV Lishui, HIV Quzhou, HIV Wenzhou

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