Membership Program


Membership Program

Sinoaid Integrated Healthcare Service

Help to limit your health risk in Shanghai

Just 1RMB/day

Sinoaid Integrated Healthcare Service provides you or your organization with medical advice and medical assistance services in Shanghai, China. At the core of our services is a comprehensive, members-only website and network of medical centres staffed by doctors, nurses and specialist who can respond to any medical emergency.


One year member services / USD 60


Member Benefits

Integrated Healthcare Service

u24-Hour Medical Information and Assistance in Shanghai

SINOAID will arrange for the provision of medical advice over the telephone for any Member calling an SINOAID hotline who is a traveller or expatriate. * Note that a telephone conversation, even with the local attending physician, cannot establish diagnosis and must be treated as advice only.

uMedical and Dental Referrals

SINOAID will provide the Member with names, addresses, telephone numbers and, if requested by a Member and if available, office hours for physicians, hospitals, clinics, dentists and dental clinics within Shanghai where the Member is located. SINOAID will assist Members with the arrangement and confirmation of appointments, provide assistance in arranging ground accommodations, post appointment communications and follow up with Members. These recommendations are based on SINOAID' best judgment and its knowledge of the local conditions and availability of medical services at the geographic location involved. The final selection of medical service provider shall be at the discretion of the Member.

uDispatch of Medication and Medical Supplies

SINOAID will, when and where practical and legally permissible, arrange for the delivery of medicines, drugs and medical supplies that are medically necessary for a Member's care and/or treatment but which are not available at the Member's location. The Member will be responsible for the cost of the items dispatched and all shipping and handling charges.

uMedical Monitoring

SINOAID will monitor the Member's condition if he or she is hospitalized abroad and keep the Member's family informed with the agreement of the Member.

uEmergency Translation and Interpreter Services

In the event of an emergency situation, SINOAID will provide personal telephone translation services and referrals of interpreter services through its medical network. A fee is charged if personal presence or customized services are required.

uClaims Assistance

SINOAID will assist Members with coordinating overseas claims procedures with their insurance programs. Note—medical bills should not be sent to SINOAID, but directly to the insurer, as directed by SINOAID avoid delays in settlement.

uAccess to SINOAID Medical Network in Shanghai

SINOAID’S Medical Providers operate in Shanghai where medical care of an international standard is unavailable, or where cultural and language barriers make it difficult to receive appropriate care. Each clinic offers primary care, diagnostic care and 24/7 emergency care. Doctors are available to provide all types of treatments, ranging from simple vaccination to emergency heart attack treatment. Specialist care is also available in the many fields, including gynaecology, paediatrics and ophthalmology.

Medical Networking

Sinoaid Network included but not limited follow Healthcare facilities:

Public hospital

ü  Huashan Hospital Worldwide Medical Center

ü  Shanghai Guangci Hospital

ü  Huadong Hospital VIP Clinic  

ü  Shanghai Jiaotong University Affiliated First People’s Hospital International Medical Center

ü  Children’s Hospital of Fudan University International Clinic

ü  Shanghai Children’s Hospital

ü  Shanghai East Hospital VIP Clinic

ü  Shanghai Children’s Medical Center

ü  The International Peace Maternity & Child Health Hospital VIP Center

ü  Shuguang Hospital Affiliated To Shanghai University of TCM Eastern Branch

ü  Shuguang Hospital Affiliated To Shanghai University of TCM Western Branch

ü  Shanghai Chang Ning District Central Hospital International Medical Services Center

International Facility

ü  Shanghai United Family Hospital

ü  Shanghai United Family Clinic-Minhang-SRC

ü  Parkway Health Medical Centers

ü  Shanghai Centre Medical and Dental Centers

ü  Specialty and Inpatient Center

ü  Hong Qiao Medical Center

ü  Jin Qiao Medical and Dental Center

ü  Mandarine City Medical Center

ü  Shanghai Jin Mao Tower Medical Center

ü  Gleneagles Medical and Surgical Center

ü  Shanghai Global HealthCare Puxi Clinic

ü  Shanghai Global HealthCare Pudong Clinic

ü  Shanghai East International Medical Center

ü  Shanghai International Hospital (Huashan Hospital Pudong Branch)

ü  Shanghai American-Sino OB/GYN/Pediatrics Services

ü  Shanghai Landseed Hospital

ü  Shanghai Humanity Hospital International Medical Center

ü  Shanghai Healtheway Medical Center

ü  CanAm International Medical Center Shanghai

ü  Shanghai Renai Hospital

ü  Shanghai St. Michael Hospital

ü  Sunshine Children's Clinic

ü  Shanghai New Vision Eye Clinic

ü  Shanghai AIER Eye Hospital

ü  Healthway Nobel Eye Hospital

ü  Shanghai Wooridul Spine Hospital

ü  Sino-United Health Clinic (Portman Clinic)

ü  Sino-United Health (Gubei Clinic)

ü  Sino-United Health (Jinqiao Clinic)

ü  Body & Soul Medical Clinics Shanghai Center Medical and Dental Center

ü  St. John's Health Clinic

ü  Healthway Neuglow Medical Centre

ü  Shanghai Pudong Weirui Medical Center Ltd.

ü  St. Reiss (Shanghai) Medical Center

ü  American Medical Center

Shanghai Dental Clinics

ü  Shanghai Arrial Dental Clinic

ü  Alpha Dental Clinic

ü  New York Dental Clinic

ü  Dr Wells Shanghai Lanbo Dental Clinic (China)

ü  Dr Wells Shanghai Landun Dental Clinic (China)

ü  Dr Wells Shanghai Lanhua Dental Clinic (China)

ü  Kowa Dental Inc

ü  Tokushinkai Dental Clinic (Jin Qiao) Shanghai

ü  Tokushinkai Dental Clinic (Lian Yang) Shanghai

ü  Tokushinkai Dental Clinic (Hong Qiao) Shanghai

ü  Tokushinkai Dental Clinic (Jing' An) Shanghai

ü  CAD Dental Centre

ü  Shanghai United Family Dental Clinic

Shanghai health-checkups center

ü  MJ Health Screening Center/Shanghai

ü  St. John's Health Clinic

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