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If you or your loved one unfortunately found yourself in need of medical assistance to rule out or confirm a cardiovascular condition, a multi-disciplinary medical team at in Shanghai is ready to help. We are proud to recommend our expert cardiologists with years of clinical experience from many well-known medical institutions both in China and overseas. Rigorous and in-depth diagnostic evaluation is critical for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. Unfortunately, more often than not, this process is rushed in many hospital settings due to extremely large patient volumes.

If you are preliminarily diagnosed as having cardiac conditions, it is advisable that you select a specialist for further diagnostic tests for a more comprehensive review. We emphasize the importance of patient-doctor communication to address every aspect of your medical condition, treatment plan, prognosis and any other issues of your concerns. Once case planning is complete, we will be able to quickly put you into inpatient treatment process through our established access channels with the best Shanghai medical centers for interventional or surgical operations. After that, we will continue to be with you on post-operational follow up reviews, personalized cardiac rehabilitation plan and long-term monitoring. In addition, if an extremely complicated medical case is encountered, We are able to work with our renowned US strategic partners to identify the best treatment options via telemedicine and if necessary overseas medical treatments.

Our Services Include:

A) Cardiovascular diseases diagnosis and treatment

•Myocardial Infarction



•Cardiac Insufficiency

•Chronic heart failure

•Valvular Heart Disease



B) Prevention, Second Opinion and Case Management

•Heart assessment

•Second opinion

•Pre-operation work up

C) Personalized cardiac rehabilitation plan and long-term monitoring

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