Your child should feel confident in her ability to meet the challenges in her life. This sense of personal power evolves from having successful life experiences in solving problems independently, being creative and getting results for her efforts.


  • Fitness


    As a parent, you need to encourage healthy habits—including exercise—in your youngsters. Physical activity should become as routine a part of their lives as eating and sleeping.

  • Nutrition


    Nutrition is important to normal growth processes, and thus you should make an effort to ensure that your child con­sumes a well-balanced diet. Your youngster's need for calories rises during times of rapid growth, gradually increasing as she moves through middle childhood into puberty.

  • Puberty


    There are many opportunities during this time of life for you to talk to your child about what she's experiencing. Your child needs to understand the phys­ical changes that will occur in her body during puberty.

  • School


    For most parents, seeing that their child has a good education is one of their highest priorities. They recognize that education is not only an important part of growing up but is also a crucial factor in their child's future.

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