Lesbian and Bisexual Health Fact Sheet

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What does it mean to be a lesbian?

A  lesbian is a woman who is  sexually attracted to another woman or who has sex with another woman,  even if it is only sometimes. A lesbian is  currently only having sex with a woman, even if she has had sex with men in the  past.

What does it mean to be bisexual?

A bisexual person is sexually attracted to, or sexually active with, both men and women.

What are important health issues that lesbians and bisexual women should discuss with their health care professionals?

All women have  specific health risks, and can take steps to improve their health through  regular medical care and healthy living. Research tells us that lesbian and  bisexual women are at a higher risk for certain problems than other women are,  though. It is important for lesbian and bisexual women to talk to their doctors  about their health concerns, which include:

Top 10 Things Lesbians Should discuss with Their Healthcare Provider

lesbians-shanghaiFollowing are the health issues Sinoaid Shanghai Healthcare Providers have identified as most commonly of concern for lesbians. While not all of these items apply to everyone, it’s wise to be aware of these issues.

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