Shanghai Has the Highest Cancer Rate in China

lung logoShanghai has the highest cancer rate in China, and lung cancer is the deadliest among all cancers. Living in a city where pollution and food safety are constant concerns, it's time for us to equip ourselves and our family with more updated knowledge to reduce our risk to the strict minimum.

In fact, a newly emerging consensus holds that 85-90% of cancers are rooted in environmental or behavioral causes. That means we have a lot of chance for rooting out cancer early – and a much wider opportunity to head it off before it ever comes close. The key to this opportunity, though, is us: we need to act.

The single most significant risk factor for lung cancer is smoking or 2nd hand smoking. However while this information has been so heavily stressed by all health authorities in the world, and it has been proven by the most credible science, yet there are still so many people who won’t quit smoking. This has really become a personal choice.Another significant contributor to increased cancer risk is our diet; a brilliant 2008 paper from researchers at the esteemed M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston explained how 30 to 35 percent of all cancer-related deaths are linked to diet (even more than are related to smoking). Many of us know the importance of fruit and vegetables, but how many of us are fulfilling the recommended daily intake of 5 to 13 serving of fruit and vegetable. And to achieve optimal health, the recommendation goes even higher.

On environmental front, we know that there are certain pollutant which are hard to avoid, but there are certainly a lot that we can do to reduce our exposure, such as choosing organic food while possible, be conscious about environment pollution and avoid going to construction sites, and limit our time outdoor when air quality is bad, to name a few. And also very importantly, we can load up our defense system by having a optimal healthy diet which include a lot of fruits and vegetables, whole food, seeds and nuts, etc.There are so much we can do to improve our health and minimize our risk of diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. And information are out there, easily accessible. All that we need is a conscious mind and strong will to change.That is why this communication platform is started, so that we can create a platform of exchange and dialogue, to bring more awareness into our community. And little by little, we could help more and people to reach a turning point in consciousness. Once we become conscious, behavior change will follow naturally.

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