10 Tips to Staying Safety For Summer

10 Tips to Staying Safety for Summer in Shanghai China

Focus on choosing proteins that are lean, such as chicken, turkey, low fat ground beef, and tofu. Instead of adding heavy sauces, try a range of spices that will add flavor without adding calories. Adding flavor to your meals will also make you feel less like you’re depriving yourself and make it easier to maintain your healthy eating habits.

Stay focused on your goals. If you make a resolution to either lose weight or maintain your weight this year, write it down and set specific targets. This will help you keep you focused on your long-term goals, rather than the short-term gratification that sweets offer.

Eat small, balanced meals throughout the day. You should be aiming for 4 to 5 small meals per day, with each containing a portion of carbs and a portion of lean protein. The carbs will help fill you up and give you energy, and the protein will keep you full longer, helping you to fend off cravings. Keep in mind that the serving size for both carbs and protein is about the size of one fist for women, and no more than the size of two fists for men.

Always choose pastas, rice, noodles, and breads that are made from whole grains. Foods made with whole grains generally have a lower glycemic index, meaning they’re less likely to cause a spike in blood sugar levels. Make pasta dishes more hearty without adding additional carbs by topic them with vegetables, tomato sauce, and lean meat, such as chicken.

Don’t shop when you’re hungry. Studies have shown that people who do their grocery shopping on an empty stomach end up buying more than they normally would and making less healthy decisions about the kinds of foods to buy.

Substitute healthy alternatives when you’re craving something sweet. Try a piece of fruit instead of a baked goods or a piece of candy. Low fat fruit yogurt and fat free Jello are other options when your sweet tooth is calling.

Get plenty of sleep. When you’re well-rested, you’re more likely to make good decisions and have the motivation to stick with them. This will also help ensure you have enough energy to exercise every day, which in turn will help you sleep better at night.

Set yourself up for success. Stock your kitchen with healthy foods so that they’re within easy reach when hunger strikes. Vegetable sticks made from carrots, celery, and cucumbers make great healthy snacks- especially when they’re dipped in non-fat yogurt. Popcorn without butter and baked nacho chips dipped in salsa are other healthy snack options.

Limit your consumption of alcohol. It can be much harder to say no to cravings when you’ve had a glass or two of wine. Also, alcohol contains carbs and liquid calories, both of which can derail the healthy eating you’ve been doing throughout the week.

Cook as much food for yourself as you can. Even if foods look healthy, they may have more fat and calories than you think! The best way to keep tabs on exactly what you’re eating is to prepare your meals yourself rather than eating out.

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