Back to School Health Tips

Back to School Health Tips in Shanghai China

Now is the time to make sure your children are up to date on required immunizations before school starts. Some kids may also need a physical check-up if they plan to try out any extracurricular activities. It is also a good time to find out if your child suffers from asthma, food allergy or any other chronic disease.

What you should ask your Pediatrician or Family Physicians:

  • Evaluate your child’s growth and development, including height, weight and body mass index.
  • Make sure your child’s immunizations are up to date.
  • Ask about any health problems or injuries that your child has had since the last visit.
  • Review medications your child is taking.
  • Check blood pressure.
  • Ask about family history and order any related lab tests.
  • Test for hearing or vision problems.
  • Screen for or monitor behavioral or emotional issues, such as depression or attention deficit disorder.
  • Discuss concerns related to your child’s age, such as changes of puberty or the dangers of drugs.
  • Provide preventive care. This might include guidance if a child is overweight or sexually active.

For a limit of time, Sinoaid offers the following back to school Health Check Package:

  • Detailed medical history review
  • Vaccination review
  • Blood pressure
  • Vision screening test.
  • Height & Weight
  • Spine & Muscle tone
  • Hearing test

Our internationally trained pediatrician team is available at our conveniently located clinics in both Pudong and Puxi. For an appointment or information about our Pediatrics Services, please call our 24 hour hotline at 5108-2260.

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