What is Minimally Invasive Surgery?

Minimally Invasve Surgery in Shanghai China

Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) also called keyhole surgery and Laparoscopic surgery, is a modern surgical technique in which operations in the abdomen or other surgical place are performed through small incisions (usually 0.5®C1.5cm) as compared to larger incisions needed in traditional surgical procedures. MIS uses images displayed on TV monitors for magnification of the surgical elements.

There are a number of advantages to the patient with laparoscopic surgery versus an open procedure. These include reduced pain due to smaller incisions and hemorrhaging, and shorter recovery time. Indeed MIS has outstanding cosmetic outcome as the incisions are almost invisible especially for lap appy and hernia repair.

The key element in laparoscopic surgery is the use of a laparoscope, a telescopic rod lens system, that is usually connected to a video camera. Also attached is a fiber optic cable system connected to a 'cold' light source, to illuminate the operative field, inserted through a 5 mm or 10 mm cannula or trocar to view the operative field. The abdomen is usually insufflated with carbon dioxide gas. This elevates the abdominal wall above the internal organs like a dome to create a working and viewing space. CO2 is used because it is common to the human body and absorbable by tissue. It is also safe to electrosurgical devices commonly used in laparoscopic procedures.

What kind of surgery can be done by laparoscopy?

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy the most common laparoscopic procedure. Combined with a choledochoscope, to explore common bile duct and remove the stones there.

Laparoscopic Appendectomy the most common emergent procedure, reduced the risk of wound infection postoperatively.

Laparoscopic Herniorrhaphy (inguinal, umbilical and incisional), repair the hernia with mesh.

Additional services available:

  • Hemorroidectomy ligation or removal for the prolapsed and hemorrhoids (external and internal).
  • Thyroidectomy a procedure for cyst, benign or malignant tumor in thyroids.
  • Mastectomy a procedure for cyst, benign or malignant tumor in breast.
  • Ligation and stripping of great saphenous vein a procedure for great saphenous varicose vein.
  • 24 hour inpatient service All patient with laparoscopic surgery need 1-3 nights of hospitalization. We provide 24 hour inpatient service.
  • Post-surgery nursing care

Sinoaid offers a wide range of minimally invasive surgery services which provide our patients a more favorable option when a procedure or surgery is required.The center is conveniently located in our Inpatient and Specialty center, and is equipped with advanced facilities and equipment. The Center is staffed with experienced and well trained bilingual medical staff. Post-surgery care can also be assured to our patients with our inpatient care facilities.

Sinoaid provides Laparoscopy Service in our Inpatient and Specialty center,please contact us here or call our 24 hour hotline: 021-51082260

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