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Flu Shot in Shanghai China

Flu season is just around the corner so it is time for you and your family to start thinking about getting your annual flu shot.

At Sinoaid, we provide you and your family with safe and international standard flu vaccine, approved by the U.S Public Health Service. Available vaccines are Fluarix, Influvac, Vaxigrip, Agrippal.

Annual flu vaccine will be available at our Puxi and Pudong's Medical Center.

Why should I get a flu shot?

According to the US CDC, the annual flu shot can reduce the chances of getting the flu by 70% - 90% ultimately resulting in reduction of work place and school absenteeism. The single best way to prevent against the seasonal flu is to get the annual flu shot.

When should I get the flu shot?

It is recommended to get your flu shot annually during the fall period.

Should I get a flu shot every year?

Yes. The flu virus is constantly changing, so the composition of the annual flu shot is changed every year to match the circulating virus. Therefore, you should get a flu shot every year to make sure you are protected against this year’s seasonal flu.

For more information or to make an appointment, please call our 24 hour appointment service center at 51082260.

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